Monday, 21 June 2010


For My Beloved Husband...(13th of June 2010)

Happy Birthday With All My Love....

" A kiss to start the morning
or a hug to say goodnight,
or just to hear you tell me that everything's alright
We've shared so much together,
we're friends and partners,too-
And these are just some reasons
why i'm so in love with you...

You're the one that makes me happy,
no matter what life brings,
You're the one who has a special way
of doing thoughtful things...
You're the one
who understands and knows
just what i'm thinking of
So you know without my saying so
You're the one I Love...

"happy moment together"
from ur wife
wishing my very special husband
a happy Birthday and a wonderful year...


Anonymous said...

semoga bahaga hingga ke syurga akak =)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, many happy returns to your hubby. Happy birthday, Incik. A birthday is just another 365 days trip around the sun, enjoy the trip....jangan lupa your sunglasses, ha ha.
Best regards and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Emy Ahmad said...


Azreena said...

kakak...saya rindu suami saya...isk..isk.. :'(